Target New Markets with Rail Served Sites

Choosing a property for a new industrial development project is an important decision, and one that CSX Industrial Development Managers understand well. Each year, more than 100 companies choose to work with CSX to locate or expand a facility. 

What To Expect

There are three main steps to get started:

  1. Consult with the Industrial Development Manager in your area.
  2. Define criteria and narrow your search.
  3. Zero in on specific sites and work with CSX on the operating and engineering review process.

Your Industrial Development Manager will guide you through each step, giving you confidential project management support and offering insight into rail operations.

Consultation with Industrial Development Manager

Contact the Industrial Development Manager in your area as early as possible to begin your search. He or she will match your needs with our inventory of available sites, including everything from industrial parks, buildings and land available, to build a list of potential locations for your review. 

CSX Industrial Development Managers each have extensive experience working with business leaders, site consultants, government officials and other involved parties to identify and evaluate prime locations for the building industry. 

Defining your criteria and narrowing your search

After developing a list of potential sites, our Industrial Development Manager will provide you with comprehensive site data, saving you days of field work.  

We also have additional information on critical site characteristics, such as:
- Utility availability
- Land ownership
- Local contacts

Because each Industrial Development Manager works within a dedicated region, he or she will be able to give you insight from the field on any property of interest. And when you’re ready, we’ll take you to visit as many sites as you choose.

Zeroing In and Project Management

To help you make your final decision, we can provide preliminary site engineering and layout. Once you decide on a site, we will work with your design and construction team to ensure that all approvals are met.

Contact your Industrial Development Manager to start exploring potential locations.