Connect your site to the CSX network

Expand your existing operations with step-by-step guidance from your area Industrial Development Manager. He or she will help you grow your current rail-served operations or explore bringing rail to your existing nonrail-served facility.

CSX Industrial Development Managers are your link to the operations and engineering teams at CSX — they serve as your liaison to the appropriate specialists to ensure that your plans adhere to network standards.

What To Expect

There are four phases of the expansion process:

  1. Consultation with the Industrial Development Manager in your area
  2. Construction plan review and approval
  3. Side track agreement finalization
  4. Construction begins

Your Industrial Development Manager will guide you through each step of the review and approval process to ensure that your project conforms to the CSX Standard Specifications for Design and Construction of Private Sidetracks.

Consultation with Industrial Development Manager

Contact the Industrial Development Manager in your area as early as possible to understand the options available at your particular location. The Industrial Development Manager for your area will coordinate your project with the appropriate departments at CSX.

Early consultation with your Industrial Development Manager is crucial to ensure that your track design will serve your rail logistics needs in a safe and effective manner.  With extensive rail design experience across all industry groups, your Industrial Development Manager can bring creative solutions to your rail needs.

Construction Plan Review and Approval

Each project is reviewed by CSX’s Operating and Engineering departments to ensure that we can provide the service your business needs and that the design of the track meets CSX standards. Your Industrial Development Manager is your liaison to these departments during the review and approval process.

Sidetrack Agreement Finalization

The final step in the approval process is the execution of a new or revised Private Sidetrack Agreement (PSA).  The PSA outlines the relationship between CSX and your company and details, among other items, the ownership, construction and maintenance of the tracks. If work is to be done on the CSX right of way, this document also gives your company the right to enter CSX property to perform the work.

Construction Begins

Once the plans and operation have been approved and the sidetrack agreement is executed, you can begin construction with the knowledge that the design meets all CSX requirements for a safe and efficient operation.

During the course of construction, CSX field engineering personnel may make periodic visits to the project site to ensure that the work is being performed according to CSX specifications. CSX field engineering will perform a final inspection of the completed work and, upon acceptance by CSX, the track will be placed in service. At this time you are able to ship to or from the new track.

Ready to get started? Contact your Industrial Development Manager to understand more about expanding your facility to include rail.