Grow and target new markets with CSX Industrial Development.

Every year 100 – 150 companies locate or expand their operations on CSX rail lines. Our Industrial Development Group is dedicated to helping you grow and target new markets by providing you with confidential project management guidance as well as unparalleled conceptual and design solutions. Contact your Industrial Development Manager to start exploring potential locations.

Establish a Rail-Served Location

While Industrial Development can help you find a rail-served site from a vast inventory, CSX Select Sites are a unique offering that provides one of the best ways to establish a rail-served location.

These certified, rail-ready sites meet a rigorous list of criteria. Our experts have thoroughly vetted these sites so that much of the legwork has already been completed, saving you valuable time and resources as well as reducing your risk.

Expand Existing Operations

If you want to expand your existing operations to incorporate rail, the Industrial Development team will guide you through the process. Your Industrial Development Manager matches your transportation needs with creative solutions in coordination with CSX’s Operating and Engineering departments. 

CSX Industrial Development provides you with confidential project management guidance and unparalleled conceptual and design solutions to integrate your business into the country’s expansive rail network.

Making the Short Line Connection

Over the past 30 years, the country has witnessed an increase from just 70 short line and regional railroads to more than 550 across 49 states. Short lines have provided small and large businesses and local producers much needed access to larger markets, but what can often be overlooked is the crucial role they play in economic development.

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Property Inventory

CSX has the most crude oil destinations on the East Coast. Click here for an interactive map of the origins and destinations we serve.

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